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The bull

Let me introduce you to our bull!  Greg was absolutely obsessed with bulls for weeks as he geared up for the Pharo Cattle Company’s 2013 Spring Bull Sale.  Not only did he carefully scour the booklet he received in the mail, but he also poured over the supplementary online info and watched hours of video of bulls walking around.  He narrowed his choices down and was off to the sale in Missouri.  After checking out the bulls in person, eating some free lunch, and feeling a little out of place for not wearing a cowboy hat, he settled into a seat at the auction.  A few hours later, he was headed home as the proud new owner of a Red Angus Bull, Thompson Son.  Thompson Son was born on October 10, 2011 to Thompson and Red Lydia.  I told Greg before he left that while I wanted him to get us a bull that would produce tasty off spring, I also needed him to be relatively calm.  Thompson Son seems to be just the bull I was looking for.


Two of our cows.Hello and thank you for your interest in the Lipes Family Farm! We are a small, diversified family farm with a strong focus on humane animal husbandry and sustainable farming practices. We specialize in pastured meats and eggs and also grow a limited amount of produce. We hope that you will consider letting us be your farmers!

Sincerely, Greg and Katie Lipes